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The Edith Mansfield Business Directory is a free service designed especially for local businesses in the City of Mansfield, TX and those nearby.

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If your business is in Mansfield TX, or closely serves the Mansfield area, you may request a free directory listing by filling out the form below.

Mike Coday Marketing

Hi! My name is Mike Coday.

I’ve lived in Mansfield since early February 2002 — just before Home Depot and Lowe’s were built. I’ve seen the incredible, explosive growth of our city with my own eyes. It has been nothing short of amazing what the city planners have been able to do accomplish such a short amount of time.

New businesses and families have arrived by the droves ever since Mansfield has been repeatedly named as one of the top places in America to live. Maybe you’ve noticed. 🙂

I help local businesses get more business by making their phone ring with new and returning customers.

Yes! I’m ready for my business to make more money.

Mike Coday Marketing helps your business get more phone calls. Why pay the telephone book $1,000’s of dollars every month? If your customers can’t find you online, they’ll use one of your competitors – now more than ever!

Fill out the form below and find out about all the affordable ways Mike Coday Marketing can help your customers find you on the internet. Don’t wait another day.

Mike Coday Marketing, SEO Mansfield, specializes in local search engine marketing and geo-targeted pay per click management for local businesses in Mansfield TX. We’ll help your business get the traffic you need from the major search engines and social networks.

We’re now offering affordable web design packages, social network marketing, reputation management, video updates, pay per click management, press releases and more. Fill out the form above and find out how easy it is to help your customers find you today.

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